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Morocco offers a great mix of sightseeing, cultural and adventure tours and experiences. Make the most of your stay in Morocco and plan ahead!

The country of Morocco is a favourite with international tourists who flock there in increasing numbers for the sun, culture, history and adventure. Yet in spite of the fact that Morocco is very much on the tourist map, this is a country that still offers plenty of opportunities for more adventurous travellers. Look beyond the major tourist attractions and you will find plenty of off-the-beaten-track activities for those looking for real Morocco adventure tours in the African sun. Whether you want to take a road trip to Morocco to explore the lesser-visited regions or delve a little deeper in one of the country’s best-known cities, a Morocco tours can be something truly out of the ordinary.

Vacations in Morocco are a good way to unwind from stress, spend the summer with family and have an exciting fun time. When choosing a vacation location, you will want to consider a lot of things in order to ensure you have the best experience during your vacation. There are several vacation spots in the world and Morocco isn’t left out of the equation. After sharing experiences with several people, you will definitely want to consider a tour to Morocco. You might want to ask why Morocco, right? Well, in contrast to what the majority thinks –it has so much more to offer than what the majority expects. Morocco has successfully outlived several people’s expectations. Sounds interesting to the hearing I know!.

Morocco Tours

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Some of the most enticing holiday destinations in Morocco are found along the country’s Atlantic coast. The sea breezes and coastal climate along this coastline make it a wonderful place to cool down a little when the country is at its warmest. Another way to escape the worst of the heat is to climb high into the beautiful, grand Atlas Mountains. Be sure to stop in, if you get the chance, at the small Berber village of Imlil. Close to another of Morocco’s most magical, historic cities, fez, you can cool down with a visit to shady Ifran national park, much of which is covered by woodland of Atlas cedar. Desert regions and the cities of Ouarzazate, Zagora and Merzouga are best enjoyed during the cooler time of the year. Beautiful and unique Morocco may not be your first choice when deciding for the next holiday destination, but it should be! Cheap holidays in Morocco are just a few reasons to travel around this culturally diverse country. Book one of the Morocco tours or cheap holidays mentioned in this article and make your holiday perfect by travelling to Morocco.




For many, Morocco is all about its imperial cities: Rabat, Fez, Meknes and Marrakesh. In each of these cities are plenty of wonderful Morocco tours and independent experiences which will allow you to discover the true, authentic Morocco, getting to know these places as locals see them rather than just sticking to major tourist attractions. The city of Marrakesh, with its maze-like mediaeval quarter and souks, is one of the country’s most popular destinations that feel untouched by the modern world.




Another top tip for adventurous visitors to Morocco is to learn from the locals. the best way to get to know Morocco is to get to know its people. Cool, shady courtyards and thick-walled riads, traditional Moroccan homes, are wonderful places to relax with a cool drink during the hottest part of the day. Staying in such a home can allow you to meet some local people, as well as providing wonderful accommodation during your stay in one of the morocco’s breathtakingly beautiful cities.




Fez also has a magical medina to explore and is another popular Moroccan tour destination for those who enjoy soaking up the historical atmosphere. yet here too adventurous travellers can find hidden gems and discover secrets known only to locals. another option is the capital, Rabat, with its iconic french colonial landmarks and Berber era fort. though the tourist attractions are well worth visiting, independent travellers will discover plenty more delights if they delve a little deeper and explore this interesting city.





Morocco does not only offer its historical cities, of course. the whole country is a treasure trove for nature lovers. the Atlas mountains are rightly famed, but intrepid travellers could also consider a road trip along the route to see the less-visited Rif range. many visitors trek on tours in the Toubkal massif, but how about getting off the beaten track and considering the trekking in jebel Saghro instead? lovely, enchanting landscapes await across the country, especially in the national parks protecting some of the country’s most beautiful and precious environments. visit by all means the popular parks of the Atlas mountains




Other popular spots like Souss-Massa near the popular beach resort of Agadir, but consider also visiting the more remote parks, such as Iriqui, where you can experience the rugged splendour of the desert, or khenifiss or Dakhla further to the south. As well as visiting the busy and popular resorts along the Atlantic coastline, Essaouira, Agadir etc.. Take some time to visit some of the less well-known attractions along the coast. for example, while most history loving visitors are familiar with the famous Roman site of Volubilis, close to Meknes, fewer people take the time to visit Lexus, near Larache on the coast.




Another important archaeological site in the country. looking to escape the crowds of Essaouira, consider a visit to Oualidia a little further up the coast, or explore the historic sites of El Jadida further to the north. marvellous Morocco tours, whether independent or with local guides, will take intrepid visitors to far-flung reaches of this varied and fascinating country. no matter what sort of holiday in Morocco,o you are looking for, adventure awaits. so let the adventure begin! plan your trip today and discover amazing Moroccan vacation adventures for yourself.


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As a small country, Morocco is perfect for road trip kind of tours alone or in bigger groups. On one Morocco tour, you can see almost everything this country has to offer because even the shortest tours in Morocco can easily cross the country

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Travellers on a budget will find many cheap holidays in Morocco while for the luxurious tourists there’s always better and more comfortable option. Book for example one of the tours below before you next travel to Morocco.

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Royal Morocco Tours is a good example of Morocco tour companies that make trips either to the south or north parts of the country. You just have to decide which side of the country is more appealing to you. In the south, you can hike the High Atlas Mountains

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To see small local villages, the busses will drive small idyllic mountain roads with breath-taking views and you shouldn’t forget a visit to the Sahara. On the other hand, in the northern parts of Morocco, you will tour the seaside towns, several UNESCO heritage sites and relax in traditional Moroccan spas.

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We’ve said all that we can say about Morocco, a magical, exotic place that offers scenes, experiences and days that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. From the peaks of the Atlas Mountains to the medinas, to the square or Marrakesh.

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An all-encompassing trip that that’ll take you on an emotional, spiritual and physical journey, Casablanca will leave you wanting and no other trip will ever come close to the raw, gritty and real-time you had while you spent your time lost in the medinas.

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We promise everything we can do to make your Tangier trip the one you expect and then the one you never even saw coming. Tangier is just like that, bustling with life, brimming with soul and a place that celebrates humanity with such liveliness

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Like we’ve mentioned before, Fez holds its Islamic values closely so try to research about the religion itself before heading out to the country. Learn how to greet locals with the Islamic greeting. Be respectful of local customs and take part in them if you want to.

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Casablanca and Marrakech are two of the most popular destinations for cheap holidays in Morocco but also for Morocco tours. These culturally colourful cities offer you things to do for days but are also perfect for a quick day trip. If you pick tours or holiday starting from Casablanca or Marrakech,

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you can easily continue the cheap Morocco holiday on your own after or before the readily organized tour. G Adventures is one of the tour operators making Morocco tours between Casablanca and Marrakech. Check out their Highlights of Morocco tour that starts from Casablanca and goes to Marrakech

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Are you ready for adventure in the Sahara desert? the Moroccan tours taking the visitors on a trip around endless dunes of sand and Bedouin camps are some of the most popular holidays in Morocco. most of the southern tours and all-inclusive morocco tours take you to Sahara

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You should check the itinerary closely before booking. Some of the Sahara tours in Morocco include just a quick visit to the dunes while others may even have a night in Bedouin camp or safari/camel ride in the desert. Encounters Travel’s Morocco Desert Safari & kasbahs at some examples of many desert tours in Morocco.

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Tours To Morocco – Choices For Everyone

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If the hot dunes of Sahara aren’t your thing, the imperial cities of Morocco are popular destinations for holiday in this country. Viator’s Amazing Imperial Cities from Spain or Encounters Travel’s Imperial Cities are our recommendations to take if you want to explore Fez, Meknes, Marrakesh, and Rabat with a tour guide

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These four cities are known as the “imperial cities” because all of them have been the capital of Morocco at some point in the country’s history. Visiting all four imperial cities will give you an image of Morocco tours from the USA during different time periods but also make you familiar with the modern side of this beautiful country.

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When you’re trying to find a holiday from Australia including a little bit of everything in Morocco, the best of Morocco or other longer tours are usually the best bet. All these tours have one thing in common: they start from one of the biggest cities in Morocco, like Casablanca or Marrakech, and then make a circle around the main sights in Morocco finally returning to the starting point.

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If you have no idea what the best things to see and experience would be when you travel to Morocco, these popular best of Morocco tours from Canada will do the planning for you. After returning home you can surely say that you have seen everything there is to discover in Morocco.

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    Morocco Jewish Heritage

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    Fret not as local students guides take care of these comfortable moments. Though we’d suggest you experience these sort of moments on your own. If you want an authentic Morocco students experience, you’ll have to learn how to do things on your own.

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    Morocco Travelling always seems like an overwhelming, too much to plan sort of deal. You’ll feel turned off to the idea of planning for something you have no experience in. Really, there are two things that turn off people to the idea of travelling over all. Money and planning. This is where you leave it to us.

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    VIP Tours In Morocco

    VIP Tours In Morocco

    You’ll be surprised at the money you’ll be saving when going on a trip. A trip doesn’t have to be a huge investment of money, whether you’re travelling alone or in a group, our guides, drivers, and all involved have experience seasoned with the spices of Morocco itself. We’ll make sure you have someone with you in every city you visit. This takes away all the stress with having to deal with hotels and arrangements altogether, so you can have an immersive experience.