Explore Morocco with Morocco Discovery Tours

Morocco is indeed the favorite destination of most travelers. The country is fortified with long beaches, fishing ports, abundant flora and fauna, lush oases, and the High Atlas Mountains. Likewise, Morocco’s coasts and countryside has enough attractions to lure and attract the interest of avid travellers. Furthermore, the cities of Marrakesh, Fez, and Meknes with their irresistible early Islamic architecture, rich cuisines, traditional fiestas, and grand culture also add to the overall beauty of the country. No wonder most travelers embark on Morocco Discovery Tours almost every time.

When it comes to a wonderful tourist destination, Morocco is one of the favourite destinations among travelers from all over the globe. Morocco is just a few hours away from Europe’s major cities by flight and the second most prefer travel destinations in North Africa after Egypt. With over 9 million foreign visitors every year, the popularity of Morocco discovery tours cannot be sidelined.
There are different kinds of vivid Morocco Tours available. These options offer you a new and colorful way to explore Morocco even on a tight budget. Marrakesh, Fes, Casablanca, and Tangier are the major entries into the country. Likewise, Tangier is an important ferry point for visitors from Spain who traveled using the sea route.

Why travel to Morocco?

You can visit Morocco virtually any time of the year. However, you can avoid the hot summer months of July and August in order to dodge the excessive heat. Particularly, August is the hottest time of the year with Marrakesh being hot and scorching. Traveling this period can create a bad experience for you and make you lose interest in the better parts of the Morocco tour.

Explore Morocco with Morocco Discovery Tours

However, if these summer months are the only available options for you, then you can head for the cooling sea breezes located in the cities of Asilah and Essaouira. Their nearness to the sea keeps their climate fairly ideal throughout the year. Asilah is known for a 3-week long art festival which usually comes up in the month of July. This same period clashes with Marrakesh’s festival of popular Arts. These 2 festivals are not something to be missed while on a Morocco Discovery Tour.
Yet, the best time to visit Morocco on a tour is during the autumn season. This period is the particular the time whereby Morocco receives a bulk of visitors. Likewise, accommodation is usually scarce during this period and the few available ones are often pricey. This makes it difficult for budget travelers to actually navigate their ways around this country. Yet, visitors are usually in high spirit during this period especially after Ramadan which translates into joyful and unending festivities and celebrations.
During this season, the beaches are perfect and the waters are welcoming. In fact, the desert also benefits from the gentle breeze that spread from the ocean across the land. It is likewise the best time to explore the winding streets of Fes Medina and discover its hidden treasures.