Morocco is a country where the desert sways away the feet of the land, tradition and history trail through the sky, and where the colossal minarets secretly tell the basis of the culture. It is also a country where the sojourners are welcomed with the moments of sheer bliss and where arts and crafts showcase the cultural phenomena of the place. Certainly, Morocco tours are a must for every adventure lovers!

The multicultural ethnicity of Morocco offers a very conducive environment for visitors. On one hand, you can engage in the ecstasy of the emerald water while you feel the warmth of love on the white sand on the other hand. You will also be amazed to see the valleys challenging the peaks of the Atlas Mountains. All these activities and events, put together, accounts for the popularity of Morocco and makes it one of the most frequently visited Africa destination in the itineraries of the Globetrotters.

Historical past of Morocco


Morocco is one of the few African countries with glorious and remarkable pasts. The primitive inhabitants of the lad were the Berbers before they experienced the invasion of the Carthaginians, Vandals, Phoenicians, Byzantines, and so on. The arrival of the Arabs in 682 AD marked the beginning of dynasties by the Arabs. The history of Morocco starts with the conflict between the Arabs and Berbers. Likewise, the territorial disputes of Morocco contributed significantly to the country’s history.

The processes of this history discovered the new, authentic culture of Morocco. As an Islamic country, the forbidden lines are never crossed.  So, Every person planning for Morocco holidays should be aware of this fact, especially during the month of Ramadan, in order to avoid issues and unplanned stress.

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The religious present of Morocco.

Morocco is a mighty Islamic country. The religious sentiments are painstakingly revered by the citizens especially during the month of Ramadan. While Homosexuality may be the buzz of the modern world, it is a serious crime in Morocco. Likewise, all sexual relationships outside of marriage are legally punishable in Morocco. However, this does not mean that Morocco is lagging behind in modernity. People who tour Morocco are saddled with the enormous opportunities to engage them in the numerous fun activities in the country. You will definitely find it very hard to resist the temptations of the adventurous sports or Morocco, such as hiking, trekking, walking, golfing, skiing, mountaineering, horse riding, and water sports.
Tourists cannot also afford to miss the several attractions in Morocco. These attractions are even the major agenda of most Morocco tours. Some of the places of attractions include the Koutoubia Mosque (mosque of the booksellers), Saadian tomb, Dar Si Saïd Museum, Tanneries, Karaouine Mosque, Oukaimeden, Djemaa el-Fna, Zaouia Moulay Idriss II, and the Fez City Gates.Some other attractions include Kasbah des Oudaïas, the citadel of Chellah, Madina, Tamara, Hasan Mosque, Archaeological Museums, gardens, and palaces. The popular places in Morocco include Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Imil Gorges, Merzouga Dunes, Tincher, and Zagora.
Without a doubt, there are many things to enjoy during your Morocco holidays. Morocco is a country with a rich historical background. So, you will surely be amazed at the numbers of historical buildings and structures, especially in cities like Fez, Marrakech, and Casablanca.