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It’s unexplainable, the feeling you get gazing at the night sky in the Sahara desert. If you’ve taken the hour long uncomfortable ride out into the Sahara to spend the night camping with the Bedouins, you’ll know the feeling. No pollution, no lights, no anything, just the brilliant night sky with a million stars gazing into you, as you kick back with some mint tea, gazing back along with the silent Moroccan sand-scape.
Now imagine a completely different landscape a green mountain pathway with low hanging clouds and cold weather. You don’t have to imagine too hard because the Atlas Mountain range cover most of Morocco.

There’s three different levels to the mountain range and if you’re up for another hour long journey after the camel ride, you can climb up the range and experience Morocco like you’ve never imagined it. Travelers always associate the color red and think of sand whenever they think of Morocco but as the Atlas Mountain range proves, you’ll be seeing a lot of green. The top of the range features a small farmhouse where the locals will cook you a Tajine dinner with a Berber omelet.
You’ll have a lot of opportunities to explore this side of Morocco, a good hike can take you on a spiritual journey and what better place to have a spiritual journey than along the highest peak in North Africa, Mt. Toubkal?

While you’re in the area, why not catch up with the Atlas Studios nearby. Atlas Studios are located in the city of Ouarzazate and is the biggest film studio in the world, area wide. Spanning over 322,000 sq, Atlas Studios are home some very big names in TV, most recently: Game of Thrones. Besides that, some of your favorite movies with your favorite landscapes such as Gladiator(2000), Kingdom Of Heaven(2005), The Mummy(1999) and money others. Nearby is the Ksar of AitBenhaddou, a rustic view into what a Ksar really is.

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Morocco Is A Favourite With International Tourists Who Flock There In Increasing Numbers For The Sun, Culture, History And Adventure. Yet In Spite Of The Fact That Morocco Is Very Much On The Tourist Map, This Is A Country That Still Offers Plenty Of Opportunities For More Adventurous Travellers. Look Beyond The Major Tourist Attractions And You Will Find Plenty Of Off-The-Beaten-Track Activities For Those Looking For Real Adventure In The African Sun. Whether You Want To Take A Road Trip To Morocco To Explore The Lesser-Visited Regions, Or Delve A Little Deeper In One Of The Country’s Best Known Cities, A Morocco Vacation Can Be Something Truly Out Of The Ordinary.

holidays to morocco

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If you’re in Marrakesh or Fez, the locals will suggest the Clock Café, a western influenced café in the heart of the medinas. These cafes are gigantic and offer a getaway from the chaos of the medinas in a pretty surreal way. You’ll find some familiar dishes, burgers, green smoothies and chicken couscous. Throughout your trip you’ll find you’re going to be having a lot of couscous and a lot of mint tea, usually in that order. And you won’t be able to help yourself either, they’re just that good! The café still offers a local twist to dishes, you’ll be able to have a camel burger while you’re there. Which is probably one of the oddest blends of foods you’ll ever have.