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The existence of Essaouira dates back to the fifth and sixth centuries BC when the Phoenicians used the city as a border in the Atlantic Ocean while traveling from Africa to Ecuador. No wonder that the city of Essaouira enjoys outstanding ancient monuments. Typically, all Morocco discovery holidays are not complete without a visit to the city.
Essaouira city flourished during the rule of Juba II in the first century AD, the king of Nomadia, and then Mauritania. It was known as a center for the production of corals and drew the attention of the Romans and the Byzantines. The city of Essaouira also experienced another phase in their rich historical background when the Portuguese established a small fort to marshal the maritime routes to the Northern part of their lands. However, this plan was abandoned when the locals attacked them severely.
The modern attractions in Essaouira were majorly initiated by Sidi Mohamed Abdullah who reigned in the 18th century. He turned the city from a small own into a city of international interest for trading between Southern Europe and Northern Africa.
In this article, we shall discuss some of the most significant places to discover in Essaouira while you enjoy your Morocco discovery tour.

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The Gate of Marrakesh Fort
The Marrakech Gate is one of the most respected and distinct historical locations of Essaouira. This gate truly reflects the cultural and artistic heritage of the city. The Marrakech Gate is located in the South-Western section of the old city. The structure is fortified with a remarkable art exhibition. Such a wonderful monument is something you cannot afford to miss.
To protect this gate, a military construction with a surface area of about 980 square meters and was constructed in the 19th century. This building housed tends of canons used to protect the city from any foreign attackers coming from the east. This historical site today welcomes a number of tourists who embarked on Morocco discovery holidays.

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The Fortified Walls of Essaouira

Like other cities of Morocco, Essaouira has a large and exotic forfeited wall that was launched during the ruling of Sidi Mohamed Abdullah in 1975. Although these walls were constructed based on the European architectural structures and designs, it contains some distinctive local Morocco elements. Of course, this is another point of attraction for every travel on Morocco discovery holidays.

The Mosque of the Kasbah

While the major structures and constructions of Essaouira can be linked to the reign of the Alawites Sultan, Sidi Mohamed Abdullah, his innovative was not only keen on building military and defensive structures. He also erected some significant mosques for religious practices. One of the most important of these mosques is the old mosque located at the center of the Kasbah of Essaouira.

This large ancient mosque consists of many sections, such as the Islamic Teaching School, a hostel for students, and others. The mosque boasts of some distinctive features 900 square meters surface area, middle open courtyard, and a fountain.
A well-organized Morocco discovery holidays will definitely expose you to the majority of these wonderful historic buildings in Essaouira, among others.