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The city of Ifrane d’Anti Atlas is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco. It is surrounded with rich and beautiful oases as well as comprehensive historical and cultural background. Having existed for over two thousand years, the city has many traditions that are similar to those of the ancient Jew. Ifrane is generally a city where you can enjoy Morocco Jewish tours.
The early citizens of this state are the local legends who fled from the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar. This Jewish tradition led to the mass resistance of these people against the Islamic conversion through the country.
Moving away from the historical background of Ifrane, the more recent interests and development for this city is football. In the recent decades, the section of the country can boast of Moustapha Hadji who was an international soccer star and hails from Ifrane.
Hadji spent his youthful age at home learning how to play. Up till date, the family of Hadji still enjoys that renown. Following his footstep, there are several other footballers from this part of this country who has established themselves as professional footballers.

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The Footbridge

Tourists who come to Ifrane d’Anti-Atlas for Morocco Jewish tours usually fall in love with the wonderful sight of the city which is right behind the gorgeous main souk city. This form of attraction is called the Footbridge and it takes you everywhere you need to be and see in the city. With the freedom to observe the surrounding, you will find it relatively easy to spot those places of interest you can record with your camera.

The name “Ifrane” itself is a small village after which the entire valley is named. The village features awesome sights embossed with rich, beautiful, and colorful niches. The houses share the appearance of those of Switzerland and the people who live in are both welcoming and fascinating. The natural flora and fauna of this valley is really a point of focus for most tourists. Plus, the children in this village love following tourists around, offering you an opportunity to speak directly with the indigenes of the Ifrane village.

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Olive Press
Another interesting place you can visit after leaving Ifrane is the olive press which is just some way down the road. This is a place where you will find donkeys’ walking down the street like it is their territory. Of course, these donkeys give men the raw power needed produce olive oil.
There are many more places to enjoy during your visit to Ifrane. Perhaps, your Morocco Jewish tours are not complete without a visit to the Jewish quarters. Of course, this ancient terrain is now occupied by local Berbers and even the ancient Jewish cemetery has been principally overthrown by natural foliage.

Comfortable accommodations such as hotels and cafes are present bountifully in Ifrane. Café de la Paix is a popular accommodation located near the mosque. This place will give you a comfortable room at a cheap price. You will also find exotic and world-class cuisines at the two cafes located in the souq. There is no other way to enjoy your Morocco Jewish tours other than to visit the ancient Jewish settlement called Ifrane.