The Must-Have Morocco Desert Experience

The southern border of Morocco is made up of vast sand that draws the attention of travelers far and near. The human race has abandoned the desert for hundreds of years past. Perhaps, who would want to live in a hot, dry, and unfertile environment? However, things changed rapidly in the last century. Many tourists from all over the globe flocked to the Sahara Desert for memorable Morocco Sahara tours experience. Before you embark on a Morocco Sahara tour, you should bear in mind that a Saharan tour requires professional guidance.

A journey to this hot, barren land cannot be done alone. You need to the help of an experienced Morocco desert tours guide that will assist with guidance, transportation, and accommodation. Essentially, try to find a guide that is familiar with the Tuareg tribe as they are the Berbers that live at the border of the Saharan Desert. These people are known for their nomadic lifestyle, beautiful, and incomparable hospitality. Plan a trip that allows you to stay with the Tuareg tribe in tents as an opportunity to ride a camel.

Once you have arranged your trip with a professional Sahara tour agency, the next is to prepare for the unexpected. As you may right expect, travel to and from the Sahara is demanding. Expect a long commute of winding roads and hot sand under your feet. Once you arrive at this desert, enough attractions await you. First, the weather in Sahara can be extremely freezing at nights and scorching during the day. Therefore, make sure you protect yourself with a hat during the day and layers of clothes during the night.

Planning for a Sahara Tour

Morocco Is A Favourite With International Tourists Who Flock There In Increasing Numbers For The Sun, Culture, History And Adventure. Yet In Spite Of The Fact That Morocco Is Very Much On The Tourist Map, This Is A Country That Still Offers Plenty Of Opportunities For More Adventurous Travellers. Look Beyond The Major Tourist Attractions And You Will Find Plenty Of Off-The-Beaten-Track Activities For Those Looking For Real Adventure In The African Sun. Whether You Want To Take A Road Trip To Morocco To Explore The Lesser-Visited Regions, Or Delve A Little Deeper In One Of The Country’s Best Known Cities, A Morocco Vacation Can Be Something Truly Out Of The Ordinary.

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Wear long pants for camel ride during the day. You will be amazed to see how rigorous a camel ride is. Likewise, camel trips are not for the faint of heart. Therefore, bring with you enough water and repellant or the journey. The nights in the Sahara are completely silent and cold. There is nothing like city lights or sounds of cars. Thus, conversing with people all night is the common practice.
You also need to prepare mentally for your Morocco Sahara tours. A Morocco Sahara tour is a journey of the body and soul and it offers you an ample opportunity for self-reflection. Imagine yourself walking on an endless stream of sand! This type of experience gives you a strange sensation of being lonely in the world.

Such a feeling is both terrifying and reflective. We recommend that you wake up early and trek the desert before the sun rises. Of course, the experiences you will gather early in the morning worth sacrificing your sleep for.
Bottom Line
Tourists visit the Sahara to see, view, and feel the experience of a vast, dry, hot, and infertile stream of sand. If you seek luxury, Morocco Sahara tours are definitely not for you. However, if you seek something rugged, Sahara desert is a perfect tourist destination. Take your time to plan and enjoy your tour to Sahara.