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Located at the opportunity-rich crossroads of Africa, Arabia, and Europe, Morocco is a place you could visit again and again – not only for the purpose of studying abroad but also for leisure, recreation, and cultural discovery. It stimulates the senses as well as inspires a deep sense of awe. There is truly something to enjoy and marvel about at every turn: from the stunningly beautiful landscape to its solid cultural heritage and exhilarating climate. Morocco students’ tours provide keen students an opportunity to explore this fascinating melting pot called Morocco.

Inside Marrakech
If you’re in Morocco ostensibly as part of Morocco students’ tours, it’s a good bet one of the things that compelled you to visit the country is the chance to explore and savor the charms of Marrakech. The city is brimming with attractions, foremost of which is the Place Djemaa el Fna – perhaps one of the most famous squares in the world. Koutoubia Mosque’s minaret is the most obvious landmark in the city, sharing billing with other attractions such as the Musee de Marrakech, the Saadian Tombs, and the Dar Si Said Museum.

The Sahara
After the vast frozen wasteland of Antarctica, the Sahara desert is second in terms of surface area (good luck picturing the magnitude of something like nine million square kilometers), and it easily holds its own in terms of majesty. Because of the Sahara’s size, it shares borders with many countries – including Morocco.
If you’re in the country studying abroad, there’s plenty to experience in the desert – including 4WD exploration, trekking astride a camel in groups, or staying in one of the desert camps on the Moroccan border. An important caveat: you must respect the power of the desert. It can be fatal for the ill-prepared and the emphasis on the importance of consulting with an expert tour leader before venturing out into the desert’s wide-open space cannot be overstated. Organized exploration in properly equipped 4WD vehicles, with navigation tools on board, will ensure your safety.

Morocco Students Travel

Morocco Is A Favourite With International Tourists Who Flock There In Increasing Numbers For The Sun, Culture, History And Adventure. Yet In Spite Of The Fact That Morocco Is Very Much On The Tourist Map, This Is A Country That Still Offers Plenty Of Opportunities For More Adventurous Travellers. Look Beyond The Major Tourist Attractions And You Will Find Plenty Of Off-The-Beaten-Track Activities For Those Looking For Real Adventure In The African Sun. Whether You Want To Take A Road Trip To Morocco To Explore The Lesser-Visited Regions, Or Delve A Little Deeper In One Of The Country’s Best Known Cities, A Morocco Vacation Can Be Something Truly Out Of The Ordinary.

morocco students tours

Located less than 200 kilometers from both Marrakech (Marrakesh) and Agadir, Essaouira is perfectly located for students studying abroad to explore. Why visit Essaouira? Its beauty is legendary and its whitewashed medina with pink sandstone ramparts is not listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for nothing.
The town retains a strong Andalusian and Portuguese heritage, which is most deliciously apparent when you visit the restaurants around the bustling fishing port. The tasty local fare is based mostly on the day’s freshest seafood catch.
Of great interest to Morocco students’ tours are the local festivals, featuring the Andalusian culture and Gnawa music. It is also a pleasure to explore the passageways and alleys throughout the old medina. As for recreational activities, options vary – from kite and windsurfing to quad biking, or you can just sit and watch the sunset behind the panoramic Purple Islands.