Learn about the Magical Kingdom of Morocco with Morocco tour packages

Ideal Morocco tour packages start at the Casablanca’s modern airport. This package should also comprise a visit to the medieval alleyways of Fez (which is the largest car-free zone in the world. Towering the sand dunes of the Sahara desert and experience the sea-breeze blue & white of the Portuguese port city of Essaouira are also other points of attractions. In the end, such travel tour will lead you to the ancient and modern city of Marrakesh.

Tour packages in Marrakesh
Welcome to the imperial city of Marrakesh where Golf course is open-faced to the High Atlas Mountains. Likewise, shopping in Marrakesh is both an adventure and a reward. You take your tour to the grandiose mountains for hours or days. Spend some time hiking among the ancient Berber villages which are quit outskirt of the modern world. Maybe, you may prefer to spend a few nights under the gorgeous carpet sky of the Sahara Desert.

Moroccan Accommodation
Morocco tour packages offer you accommodation options between the quiet Riad (which is an ancient residential place turned into a guest house) and a modern hotel. Morocco has everything to offer you when it comes to accommodation.

Morocco Holiday Packages

Moroccan dishes
The foods in Morocco are delectable and tantalizing. You can enjoy both local and international foods, especially those attributed to Africa, France, Arab, and Berber. The ancient city of Fex is known to be the epicurean capital of Morocco and this city offers an extraordinary memory at different levels.
The topography of Morocco is very similar to that of California. Morocco features some of the highest mountains in the world, together with beaches of thousands of miles along the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. The infinity of the Sahara desert, the river valleys and the endless stream of olive groves are some of the heritages Morocco boasts of.
The ancient city of Fez features one of the oldest universities in the world and is known to be one of the top five most sacred Muslim cities of the world.

Morocco Tour packages

Shopping is, of course, one of the cardinal points of Morocco tour packages. Shopping in Morocco is both fun and resourceful. Visit the venture towns or the Souk of Marrakesh for a cup of coffee and be ready to bargain to a price you are comfortable with. Try to set a price in mind before proceeding with the bargain with the merchant. This way, you can get the best value for your money. However, remember they have been into this game before you and are very experienced.

Don’t forget to participate in all kinds of surfing along the Atlantic coast. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean coast is also known for its Thalassa spas. Another exciting destination includes the Blue City of Chefchaouen in the Riif Mountains. This particular place houses generations of Berbers who play the music discovered by Rolling Stones and Bryan Jones.

Ideal Morocco tour packages are the best way to explore and enjoy your tour in Morocco. Such packages must incorporate the major sites of attractions viz-a-viz world-class cuisines and standard accommodation in Morocco.