Morocco Tourist Attractions

Dress conservatively. People seem to forget that Morocco is still a conservative Muslim country where tradition and culture is to wear full, non-revealing clothes. To avoid getting unwanted attention from locals, wear clothes that cover your arms, shoulders and legs. This also goes for men, don’t wear shorts or tank tops outside as it is considered extremely disrespectful.
Don’t carry any unnecessary valuables. If you’re travelling, this should go without saying really. Wearing expensive watches, jewelry or carrying around laptops and expensive electronic equipment will garner attention from local pick pockets and scammers. This includes your passports. Never carry your passports with you. Always leave them some place secure like the hotel.

Don’t go to deep into the medinas. The medians are extremely fun to explore, a sure treat for the adventurous soul. But that adventurous soul shouldn’t wander to some back alley where it turns into a scammed soul.
There will be many wannabe tour guides on your way, offering to show you shops and places, claiming that they won’t charge you a dime for it. They’re lying and will ask you for money. Fend them off with a stern no. They’ll probably be persistent as many tourists feel guilty and end up paying. Give them a solid no and keep walking with a straight face. If you’re from New York you’d have mastered this technique. They’ll eventually go away.

Learn to Haggle. If you want to buy some local things, say some souvenirs, some shawls or even at in a taxi ride, you’ll almost always be given an exaggerated price. Culturally, people don’t think this is an inherently wrong practice and think it your fault if you feel cheated. Never accept the first price they give you, low ball on all prices and be stubborn. The vendor will eventually come down to the price you want to at least somewhere near it. If you’re going with our guides, you can have them do the talking but you can get in there to practice some yourself.

Top Best Attractions in Morocco

Eat from local food stalls. Morocco has some amazing cuisine and to a get an authentic experience, the food stalls are a great way to get an affordable option of experiencing it. The food stalls will give you a taste of everything Morocco has to offer for less than half of the price that you’ll get at restaurants. If you’re out to save money, eating out will actually benefit you from this. Kind of odd but it works!Avoid Drinking openly. Since again, Morocco is a conservative Muslim country that hold their values closely, drinking is frowned upon by the local population. There are places where you can find drinks, they are however overpriced and absolutely not worth it. Drink mint tea instead!

morocco tourist attractions

Morocco is a sensory overdose. There’s so much going on all the time everywhere, it is easy to lose yourself in the (good) chaos. It’ll take a lot of focus and attention to be in a place where just asking for directions can get you scammed. Be on your tours and be on the lookout. If you’re on a tour with us, you’ll be protected from 90% of these dangers. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. You might want to go out on a walk alone or with your friends alone sometimes, your guide might not be available some times and you might go out walking on your own. You’ll get hoarded by people trying to scam you, pan handlers, people posing as guides and owners of restaurants even, they’ll block entrances to tourist’s spots trying to misguide you.

If you’re a woman, you’ll have to be extra careful. Stories or being groped and harassed are not uncommon, always go out with someone or don’t go out alone at all. It may seem a tad unfair and it is, but it’s for you own safety.
If you’re thinking of going to Morocco all by yourself, the consensus of travelers all over the world is that you take a tour first. A tour will give you a protected experience, you can dip your toes in to get a feel of the environment to get a feel of it and determine whether you’re up for the gritty experience