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Morocco is 99% Islamic. The country holds some of the biggest and famous spiritual attractions in the Arab world. Morocco is known for its numerous mosques, having one in every neighborhood. The popular religious landmarks and monuments in Morocco include the Hassan II mosque, Moulay Idriss, Kairaouine mosque, and the Ben Youssef Medersa.

The Hassan II mosque
The Hassan II mosque is located in Casablanca and is the largest mosque in Morocco, and one of the largest mosques in the world. It has the tallest minaret in the world which is at about 120 feet high. The mosque was built in 1986, following the command of the king. The mosque was built on water as the king wishes. More so, it is decorated in Moorish style with several modern touches like sliding roof that can open to the heavens during special occasions. It is also equipped with lasers that point the worshippers to Mecca, the most sacred domain of Islam. Thousands of travelers who come for Morocco tours worship in this historic mosque.

The Kairaouine mosque
The Kairaouine mosque is located in Fes; the spiritual capital of Morocco. This mosque is the second largest mosque in Morocco, after the Hassan II mosque, and one of the oldest Islamic universities in the Arab world. It is a place where prominent Islamic scholars studied in the past. The mosque is reportedly built in the 10th or 12th century. So far, Kairaouine is the oldest Islamic monument in Fes and the holiest in the country. The mosque plays a key role in the religious festivals of Morocco. Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter this mosque. This is the reasons why tourists are not allowed to enter but permitted to glance.

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Moulay Idriss
Moulay Idriss is actually not a monument but rather a small town beside Meknes. The town was actually named after a descendant of the famed Islamic prophet, Mohammed. Idriss was known to be the grandson of this veteran prophet. This town housed the tomb of Moulay Idriss and therefore became a famous religious site and a place of pilgrimage. The iconic grandson started Morocco’s first dynasty in 787 before he was poisoned in 792 by his enemies. All the shrines and religious grounds linked to Moulay Idriss are also forbidden to non-Muslims.

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Ben Yousef Medersa
Ben Medersa is located in Marrakech and is an Islamic school linked to the famous Ben Youssef. The building features several iconic architectural and artistic designs in Marrakech. In this medersa (or school), students are obliged to memorize the entire Qur’an. The school facilities can accommodate about 90o students at once. The idea of constructing such an Islamic school was brought life in the 14th century by Merenid Sultan Abou el Hassan and was refurbished in the 1560’s by the Saadian rulers.

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Discussed in this article are 5 top Islamic locations in Morocco that you can visit during your Morocco tours. These historical places are, in one way or the other, connected to iconic Islamic religious leaders that are well-known throughout the Arab world.