A guide for Morocco tours from Australia to Asilah, Morocco

Asilah is a small fishing town in Morocco. The town is known for its wonderful beaches and has become the top destination of all Morocco tours from Australia. The dominant residents Asilah include the Arabs, Portuguese, Byzantines, Normans, Romans, Carthaginians, and the Phoenicians.
The distinct appearances and features of Asilah today is brought by the Portuguese who constructed fortifications and large walls across the border of the town. The town became a major part of Morocco in the 17th century and became the haven of pirates.

Today, Asilah is a town in Morocco with a great history of wars and pirates. It has become a much better and quieter place than before. Being a war base in the past, the walls of Asilah has made this city a work of art. The buildings, structures, and ramparts of the past have made Asilah an interesting travel destination for Australian tourists.

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Cultural festivals in Asilah
The town of Asilah is rich in cultural festivals which are celebrated throughout the year. There is a popular festival in Asilah coming up every August. Perhaps, you may want to schedule your visit to August so that you can see, feel, and experience how the cultural festivals are being observed.
All cultural festivals in Asilah usually turn the entire town into a vast art gallery. Stroll around the town to see how every artist displays their arts, especially in the Pasha Raissouni Palace. The culture of Asilah is not only expressed in paintings but also via dance and music. Another interesting place to visit in Asilah is the Paradise beach.

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Asilah is just a bus or train journey away from Tangier. For visitors from Australia and other parts of the world, there are varieties of hotels available in the city of Asilah. Depending on your preferences, there are relatively cheap hotels and modern/sophisticated ones.

Tourist can book for accommodations ahead of their visit themselves or by their tour Agency. Campers and hikers can pitch their tents neat the seashores and beaches or go to campsites. Last but not the least, there are restaurants situated almost everywhere near the beaches that sell both local and international dishes.