Fes or Marrakech? Enjoy your Morocco tours from Fes

The two most popular cities in Morocco are Fes and Marrakech. These two cities top every tour packages and everyone that comes to Morocco wants to visit them. But, what makes these two cities popular? Well, they are popular for different reasons and the major difference is the way they were influenced.

The difference in terms of size and structure

Fes is the second largest city in Morocco but does not seem to attract tourists like other cities in terms of monuments. Fes is divided into two parts; the new town and the old town (or Medina). Medina is a walled city with many narrow roads forming labyrinth inside of it. Likewise, there are several small shops on the sides of the main streets, giving you enough options when it comes to shopping during your Morocco tours from Fes.

Marrakech is a small in size compared to Fes. Its Medina is similar to that of Fes with souks and markets almost every corner. The major difference in the market of Fes and Marrakech is observable during the night time. The market of Fes tends to shut down at night time and people will leave their shop for home. However, Marrakech markets tend to come alive at nights, especially at the Jmaa el-Fna – the big square. This square is occupied by shops and live performers. Also, there are chambers for singers, snake charmers, storytellers, fortune tellers, food stalls, and dried fruit shops.

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The Jmaa el-Fna is a favorite spot for many people at nights, both the tourists and Moroccans. In Fes, however, the only active night markets are the shop and restaurant spots in the new town. Sometimes, people can gather along the long paths of fountains and glittery lights to socialize. However, the medina is generally empty at nights.

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Historical influences on Fez and Marrakech

Fes is one of the historical cities of Morocco and it is more influenced by the Arab culture. Marrakech, on the other hand, is more influenced by the Berber culture. Therefore, Fes is less touristic and a more genuine tour destination. If you are thinking of Morocco tours from Fes, you should plan to see the beautiful walls and gates of the city.

Being a touristic city, Marrakech can be quite easy for you navigate, unlike the complicated Fes. Similarly, the prices in Marrakech can be a little higher as they are designed especially for tourists. If you don’t mind this, then Marrakech is for you. Nevertheless, Fes offers you a view of the true Morocco.

There are many great places to go during Morocco tours from Fes. The lustrous city of Marrakech injects a sense of party in Morocco with its late-night activities and bazaars. Although Marrakech is fun and lively, it is practically not the best place to shop.

Fez offers true Morocco and a reflection of the real structure, culture, and habits of the country. You will be confronted with less outrageous prices and have more authentic and original items to buy. Fes holds vital heritages of Morocco, such as great mosques, memorials, and medina. Summarily, Morocco is a wonderful place to go and Morocco tours from Fes are fun and interesting than you may ever think.