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The Hidden Treasures of Marrakesh in MoroccoMarrakesh is about 327 kilometers to the West of Rabat, the capital of Morocco, 196 kilometers to the South West of Casablanca, and 580 kilometers to the South West of Tangier. Since its establishment in the 11th century, Marrakesh has recorded a long rich history and attracted lots of visits by many travelers who tour Morocco. The Almoravid Dynasty established the Marrakesh city in the 1070 AD to be the capital of their kingdom and a very important commercial and cultural center.

Many Morocco Tours from Marrakesh usually include a visit to two or three most popular monuments which include the Koutoubia Mosque, Gamea’ El Fna square, and the Saadis Tombs. Although these places are truly remarkable, there are other monuments that deserve to be explored.

The Ben Yusuf Madrassa was actually built in the middle of the 14th century by the Marinid Dynasty but renovated by the Saadi Dynasty in 1565. Notably, the Ben Yusuf Islamic teaching school is one of the largest and most impressive structures in Morocco. This school is known for its marvelous tiles’ decorations and considered one of the wonderful constructions in Morocco.

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The Museum of Marrakesh
The Museum of Marrakesh is carefully situated near the Ibn Yusuf Madrassa and the Game’ El Fna Square. The structure of the museum itself is wonderful. The Museum was initially constructed to be a palace at the end of the 19th century before it was transformed into a museum for the city in 1997.
This museum of Marrakesh is known for displaying a large collection of exhibits like contemporary arts, historical books, ancient coins, traditional Moroccan pottery, and many other interesting collections. Many Morocco Tours from Marrakeshusuaky include a visit to this historical museum in Marrakesh.

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The Almoravid Dome
Apart from establishing the city of Marrakesh, the Almoravid constructed many other notable Islamic structures in the country. One of such structures is the Almoravid Dome which was constructed at the beginning of the 12th century AD by Sultan Yusuf. This center was primarily reserved for worshippers who are going to pray in the Yusuf Mosque.
The Dome is one of the impressive Almoravid monuments to explore by tourists and travelers who engage in Morocco Tours from Marrakesh. With a height of 12 meters, length of 12 meters, and width of 7 meters, the dome contains 19 private places for ablution.

The Majorelle Gardens
The Majorelle Garden is another interesting and entertaining place to visit for Morocco Tours from Marrakesh. The garden was first established by Jack Majorelle in 1924 before it was repainted by a distinctive shade of blue color in 1937 by the famous French artists.

Today, the garden is one of the most popularly and frequently visited tourist centers in Marrakesh. The buildings surrounding the garden became a museum for Islamic art while the garden itself is decorated with rare types of ornamental plants carefully selected from all over the globe.

If you are embarking on Morocco Tours from Marrakesh, there are many attractions to see order than the few popular ones. Discussed in this article are three other popular points of attraction in Marrakesh that may interest you.