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Imagine a time and place far from our own, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, cars, pollution and the noise from what we live in daily. Imagine a place that you can go to where you can travel back in time to a place where you can have some.
The gateway to Africa, a multicultural history with roots in Roman, Berber and deep Muslim roots, Morocco is a place where you can escape it all.

Morocco is an intense and raw experience. A preserved land with a unique historical experience, it blends 21st century elements in it comfortably to bring out the best of its historical experience with new age conveniences. It’s like you’re being shown what no one else has, a secret of the world revealed through Marrakesh, Tangier, Fez, Rabat and may other off itscities that balance traditions of the past and traditions of today.

The hospitable locals will take you in as their own and show you Morocco through their own experiences, so you’ll get to see the landscape at the back of a camel, enjoy handmade dishes from authentic Moroccan cuisine and drink hundreds of mint teas in a way you’ll always remember.

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Get lost in the medinas which are the historic hearts of the land. Wander through the blend of residential areas, shopping area and food market, the synchronized hum of the crowd guides you through the twists and turn of the bazaars which all seem a little too close together. But fret not, as it’s easy to find your way as it is to get lost in those medinas. The thousands of people wandering around the markets just like you are will chaotic but there’s a sort of assurance in their presence Just be careful of the Fez Medinas, some of them are a little sketchy tourists. Stick to places with large crowds and you’ll be fine.

morocco travel

Trek though the Torda Gorge, a gorge that has risen to fame and become popular with tourists. It offers some of Morocco’s best views and trails. If you’re looking to experience the Moroccan landscape through nature itself, the trek from the Torda Gorge gives you an unaltered feeling of connection with the land.

you did on the beaches of Essaouria, where you ate all the fresh fish the vendors caught that day, catching some waves and a breezy wind or the trip you had in Kasbah led Oudaias, located in Kasbah in the oldest part of the city, it was all of these experiences combined together.