Morocco Travel Advisory

The locals of the Berber village take in families on some exciting adventures and some hands on activities such as baking bread, applying henna, cooking some Tajine with you. If you have young children who can’t take part in the more physical activities, the activities can be tailored to your needs and preferences to provide you with a relaxing tour. All families however are recommended to visit the Sahara desert to spend a night under the millions of stars.

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Morocco Travel Guide

We recommend travelling to Morocco in the Feb-May time, which is the prime spring time when the Draa Valley’s Festival of Roses. A good welcome to the tour. If you’re not up for that, visiting in the summer and experience the Gnaoua Festival in Essaouiria and the Fes Festival of Music. You can even go in the winter for a cozy experience and check out the skiing in the Atlas Mountains. Even in the fall, South Morocco’s fortified houses and waterfalls boast four seasons on Morocco in an elegant way. Seasons of Morocco that you can experience first-hand that you can experience with us.

Morocco Travel Advisory

While we’ve fawned over Morocco and rightly so, there’s also some sort of a survival guide you need to know. Morocco is a beautiful country with beautiful people but as with any tourist location, you will be the target pick pockets, harassers and scams. Search any authentic review of Moroccan tours and you’ll see an overwhelming support of the same idea. That you need to keep an eye out if you’re going to be travelling in Morocco. We aren’t trying to scare you off or anything, the majority of your trip will be amazing and care free sure, but to keep these details from you will only sour the experience when you experience them without any prior knowledge of their existence.

It’s better if you go into these things knowing what to expect rather than blind. Indeed, you’ll find some horror stories coming out Morocco as well which is why you need to know what to expect from every turn, medina and gorge. You won’t be in any real physical danger ever (except for when you’re climbing the Atlas Mountains ofcourse) but petty crime, pick pockets and harassments is something you’ll need to be aware of. Here are a few tips that would come in handy if you plan to visit: