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The cafes have Wifi facility and you can recharge your devices and cool down yourself even in the air conditioned room. Maybe you miss home a little bit too much, you’ll spend quite a lot of time here, just be wary of breaking your immersion! If somehow you love a dish there so much you want to try it out for yourself, you can! The chefs offer cooking classes!
After a quick bite of camel burger, the ancient ruins of Volubilis await you. A relic left from Roman times, Volubilis contains the best preserved ruins you’ll find anywhere. And it’s something like a hidden gem as well as it isn’t frequented by tourists that much. If you’ve ever wanted to encounter Roman ruins up close and personal, Volubilis is the place you should head to. The site remains unexcavated so there’s a good chance to see things you might not see again.

But what about something you see something you might have already seen? You’ve never been to Morocco before, how could you have seen this before? Well if you’ve watched Game of Thrones, Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia or The Mummy, you’ve seen the iconic AitBenhaddou. Is a huge village of kasbahs, or a ksar as the locals say. If you remember scenes from your favorite movies, you can roam the streets and climb on top to look at the picturesque view

If you want to start out your Morocco in an easy way, where you get something you’re familiar with and to have a comfortable introduction to the Moroccan culture, Marrakesh is your destination. Marrakesh is a modern boiling pot of the international culture it has garnered over the years while still holding roots what makes Morocco itself. Marrakesh is still home to the maze like medinas that boast characteristic architecture. Marrakesh is a fast paced city, though it might not have the same rustic feel as the rest of the country, Marrakesh will start off your journey really well.

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The Jemaa el –Fnaa square is an absolute carnival 24/7. Tens of thousands of people all celebrating life in the mess, eating, shopping, telling stories, playing music, performing magic, charming snakes, all these people add to the charm of life in a way you’ve always dreamed of humanity to be. All in one place, celebrating life to the fullest. It’s a party 24/7 and sort of speaks for the entire tour you’ll be having really, the medinas of the entire country are full of life.

morocco travel guide

You’ll have a lot to eat at these medinas and at Marrakesh. Most of it will be couscous but you won’t have an opportunity to complain honestly, because the regional flavors are prepares with such heart and love, not to mention time, that every time you have couscous you’ll be thankful. Along with couscous you’ll see a lot of delicious Berber omelet, which is prepared in a clay pot. Also prepared in a clay pot is a blend of meat, dates, nuts, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon and saffron, the dish of Tagine. After each eating frenzy, you’ll probably be washing it all down with the seemingly unlimited supply of mint tea

Morocco’s temperature, weather and historical elements lend itself to be a perfect destination for a famiy get away. It’s got something for all of us, from the parents to the teens to the elderly. All destinations carry adventures such as zip lining in the Atlas Mountains, surfing in the Essadouria waves, trekking a lot the gorges or taking a camel ride into the world’s largest desert, the Sahara. The Moroccan culture itself is very family oriented and thus love any family tours who are curious in their culture and want to learn.