The Most Remarkable Highlights in Morocco

Rabat is a city located in the North Eastern section of Morocco. The city is believed to be the sixth most populated city in Morocco. Rabat is one of the top priorities of all Morocco travel packages. The city is known for its industrious beaches and the Bouregreg River that separates the city from the Sale’. The geographical distribution and attributes of this city make it a top point of attraction for travelers who tour Morocco.
Aside from all this, the city of Rabat is also popular for some wonderful historical structures that are frequently visited by a large number of travelers across the world.
Kasbah of Udayas
Kasbah is one of the impressive monuments of Rabat. The Kasbah of Udayas was constructed by the Almoravide Dynasty close to the middle of the 12th century and served as a fortress and a military stronghold of the region. Later, this center was occupied and revived by the Moorish who came from Andalusia. Ever since then, the Kasbah has become a notorious point of attraction for all Morocco travel packages.

In the 17th century during the rule of Al Alaouite Dynasty, the area was called Udayas in reference to the tribe that resided in the desert close to it. Some of the sections that impressed the visitors that tour Morocco include the walls that were built by the Almohad Dynasty, the ancient mosque, and several other architectural elements introduced by Al Alaouites.

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The ancient city of Chellah
Challah is arguably the oldest human settlement in Rabat. This ancient village was inhabited as early as the 8th century BC. The name “Chellah” was given by the Romans which means the area of the estuary of the Bouregreg. This town was established to serve the purpose of a Riverport for commercial activities. Of course, Chellah is also one of the favorite historical spots for all Morocco travel packages.
Although the city experienced some challenges at some period of time, it revives again during the reign of the Marinids. During the ruling of Yusuf Ibn Yacob, a mosque and an Islamic complex were built within the city. Subsequent Marinid rulers built on the foundation of Yacob and built more Islamic schools and other constructions. The town was later enclosed at the beginning of the 14th century by five-dimensional fortified walls.

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The Towering Minaret of Hassan

The towering Minaret of Hassan is yet another exciting historical structure in Rabat. This particular site is often included in all Morocco tour packages. The mosque of Hassan was built on the shored of the RIverr Bouregreg towards the end of the 12th century. So far, this mosque is one of the ancient Islamic monuments in Morocco.

Currently, Minaret is the only surviving element of this mosque. The Minaret is 44 meters high and decorated with floras carved in colored stones which were the Andalusian style of architecture in the 12th century. This shows how mighty and impressive this mosque was.
Travelers usually prefer Morocco travel packages that incorporate all of these attractions.