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Many people perceive these days that Morocco trekking in Mount Toubkal typically results in the kind of leisure or enjoyment of a lifetime. The 4,167-meter mountain has a joint scoot and jaunt which resembles the world-renowned Atlas Mountain. Every year, thousands of people fail to reach the peak of Mt. Toubkal due to lack of preparation and lack of information on safety or precautions. Only a few people have successfully reached the peak today. If you want to count yourself as one of the people who has reached Mt. Toubkal’s peak, there are effective ways on how you can do it.

Morocco Trekking tours

Trafroute Village:
Trafroute is the first and most famous village of the Ameln Valley. This village enables you to explore the base of the valley and trek upward towards the higher elevation. In fact, Trafroute can serve as the base of your trekking tour.
Oumesnat Village:
You will approach the Oumesnat village on your way out of Tafraoute. Oumesnat is a village built into the rock face of the Kest Mountains. More so, the houses in this village are built on top of older homes which are no longer in use.

morocco trekking tours

How to prepare for Morocco trekking tours
You must have all the things you need when you will go on a Morocco trekking. The things must include trekking poles and boots, clothing made from layered materials, yak tracks or snow crampons, camera, water and mountain trekking guide. You can also seek assistance from Morocco trekking tours operator. The operator will help you set up your guide and strategies in reaching the peak of Mt. Toubkal. In beginning the first trekking strategy, you must have transportation from Marakkech to Imlil areas. You can also start your trekking strategies in other towns near Marakkech and Imlil.After a fun-filled and exciting trekking during the day through the day, you’d definitely be amazed at this buildings and wish to build yours on old buildings as well. This journey will lead to Anameur. The houses here are one of the best attractions in this part of Morocco. The natural spring water pool sits directly on the top of the village homes, giving comfort to them. It gives you an avenue to relax and wash away the stress of trekking in the past few days. The spring also gives you a better view of the Kest Mountains.
Djebel El Kest:
While in the Anameur village, consider taking your Morocco trekking tours to the Djebel El-Kest. This mountain is 2359 meters above the sea level. A journey to this place will start with an ascent to Tagoudiche. Tagoudiche is a village between Anameur and Tagoudiche and usually serves as a nice stop before you continue your voyage. While walking through, you will see Amethyst, Quartzite, and a dyke that lies far below.Tirnmatmat:
Enjoy yourself!
Head along to the river areas with your Morocco trekking guide and mules. The river situated in Mt. Toubkal perpendicularly runs between Imlil and nearby towns. You need to take a slow walk in the woods located along the river. You must be able to reach the mountain’s base camp afterward. Today, there are two refuges in the base camp which is the older base and the latest which was just recently finished. It will take you about 6-9 hours before you can finally reach the base camp they call “Neltner.” For you to be able to reach the peak of Mt. Toubkal, you must leave the base camp in the early morning. Most hikers leave at around 5 AM and were able to reach the peak in just 5 hours.
Bottom line
Morocco has a lot to offer hikers during their Morocco trekking tours. As a home to the tallest mountains in Africa, many people far and near are attracted to the wonderful monuments in Morocco. Plan a Morocco trekking vacation today and explore the hidden treasure of Morocco.Tirnmatmat is the farthest village from your starting point,  where you are expected to conclude your Morocco trekking tours. Here, you will see many rock carvings dating back to as far as 2000 years back. Generally, you will be amazed by everything you see as you embark on a trek through the 23 villages of the Ameln Valley, Morocco.