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Morocco is a country located in the Northern part of Africa. The country is just a stone throw away from Europe, across the narrow channels of Gibraltar. However, Morocco is quite different from other European countries in terms of culture, heritage, and traditions. Morocco is located in a strategic location between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
With such a pivotal location, the country’s major appeal to the western tourists has usually been the Mediterranean climate as well as the excellence and creativity of its crafts and arts. No wonder tourists and travelers from Europe and other parts of the world has Morocco at the top of their preferred vacation destinations.

The top attractions in the last few years for most tourists have been Rif and High Atlas Mountains. Visitors are more interested in uncovering the unseen adventures, mostly in the northern and central parts of Morocco. Skiing is one of the top popular activities of Morocco holidays. However, as you move down to the south, there are countless western tourists that are interested in the experience of the vast sand dunes of the desert on horseback, camelback or 4×4.

Morocco Vacation Packages

Most Morocco vacation packages include a trek through the mountains or on the vast desert sand during the beautiful weather. You will definitely be engulfed by the unchanging Medieval Medinas of the incredible cities in Morocco. Especially in Marrakech, the souks bring tourists an aroma of the intoxicated culture of Morocco. A memory you will never forget is the taste of the sweetened mint tea, brightly colored items, and the aroma of the tanners’ yards saturating the air.

Morocco Vacation Packages

While most of the surrounding areas are newly built, Morocco has an endless number of ancient monuments and fascinating structures. The historical background of Morocco is so rich that you will get your book filled with histories. In addition to this interesting past, together with the excellent and awesome present, you can never be wrong with a visit to Morocco. There are several Morocco vacation packages out there that you can easily choose from.