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Taroudant is one of the ancient cities of Morocco. The city is situated in the central of Morocco, about 100kilometers away from Agadir. Taroudant city was established during the regime of the Phoenicians and has since then become an important commercial center
The city also flourished through the Almoravid and Almohad periods and established itself as a significant military base. Today, Taroudant has become one of the major tourists’ attraction cities in Morocco and is known for its wonderful desert ambiance and popular fortified walls.

Brief historical background of Taroudant
Although Taroundant witnessed a significant decline during the period of Maranids, the emergence of Saadi’s dynasty in the 16th century was a new dawn for the city. During this period, the walls if the city were restored and some other constructions were made, including a mosque, a Kasbah, and a number of schools.

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The walls of Taroudant
Taroudant is a favorite destination for most of the tours to Morocco. One of the most interesting monuments of Taroudant is the fortified walls of the city. The outstanding features of this wall make it a point of attraction.
With a length of over 7 kilometers, 5 original gates, 130 monitoring towers, and 9 fortresses, the walls of this city are historical and you cannot afford to miss this wonderful attraction during your tours to Morocco.

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The history of Taroudant walls

The idea of erecting sturdy walls around Taroudant city dates back to the period of Almoravid in the 12th century. The walls ware meant to serve as an added layer of security against foreign invaders. It also served as a stronghold for the armies of Al Saadi’s dynasty to launch an attack on the Portuguese and Spanish troops that filled the areas of the Moroccan coasts.

Final Thought
Today, the Taroudant wall is a major point of attraction for many tourists. If you are also planning a tour to Morocco, you should consider checking these ancient walls out. You will definitely be amazed at how much this structure will appeal your sight during your tours to Morocco.