Travel to Morocco Beyond Chefchaouen

A typical travel to Morocco consists of a visit to Chefchaouen, a city located in the heart of the Rif Mountains. This name as curled from the top shape of the two mountains surrounding the city which looks like horns of a goat. Locally, the name “Chef Chaouen” means “look at the horns

The two-mountain view
The structure of the houses and constructions in Chefchaouen are quite very simple. The walls of the houses are painted white while the doors wear a striking blue color. At the skyline of Chefchaouen, you will find yourself amidst two tall mountains. More so, you will find one of Morocco’s freshest water at the end of the valley, just between the two mountains.

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Shopping in Chefchaouen
The city of Chefchaouen is also a popular shopping destination. Most of the handicrafts here cannot be found anywhere else in Morocco, such as wool and woven blankets. The distinct Chefchaouen goat cheese is another added food attraction to tourists. Other popular items that are handcrafted and sold by the inhabitants of Chefchaouen are shoes and leather products, furniture made of cedar wood, dyes, pottery, and henna.

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Eating in Chefchaouen

Enjoy your travel to Morocco with both local and modern dishes in Chefchaouen. There are many cafes and restaurants almost everywhere in Chefchaouen. Try out some restaurants like Assada and La Lampe Magique. One of the best local Morocco dishes is Tagines. The early dinner time is usually 7 pm but you should try to get there earlier before the restaurant gets flooded with a lot of tourists.

Lodging and accommodation in Chefchaouen

There are cheap hotels and budgeted accommodation facilities for travelers. Morocco offers one of the best hotel facilities for tourists around the world. There are about 200 hotels in Chefchaouen from which you can choose from based on your preferences and budget.
Trekkers and backpackers will never get bored of pursuing a trip like this travel to Morocco. The tour and activities in Chefchaouen Morocco for tourists include trekking, cliff-hanging, and rock climbing.